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Improve business operations & project management practices

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We implement solutions to attain your strategic operational goals.

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Improve your project management & soft skills

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Medhira Enterprises Solutions for Excellence

Business Management Consulting Solutions

We Listen.  We Analyze.  We Implement.

Attain your company’s strategic goals using our Customized Solutions built with 16+ years of collaborative experience with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to Startups, Government to Not-for-Profits, to define, assess, and improve your operational practices.

Establish Best Practices
Improve Organizational Communication
Implement Agile Practices

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Professional Development

We Validate.  We Coach.  We Facilitate

Take advantage of our ONE-ON-ONE sessions that focus on Customized Solutions to meet your strategic project management–related career goals. We assess your skill sets, define your professional development path, and monitor your progress to success.

PMP/CAPM Certification Planning
PM & Soft Skills Enhancement
Project-based Consultation

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Business Training Services

We Assess.  We Deliver.  We Reassess.

Enhance your work force engagement results by incorporating our onsite and virtual customized project management and soft skills-related workshops into your organization's training plans.

Project Management Basics
Managing Projects Using MS Project
PMP®/CAPM® Exam Prep
Agile Project Management

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Skills Development

We Teach.  We Assess.  We Follow-up.

Join the over 4000 professionals who have benefited from our live and virtual project management workshops designed to take your career to the next level. Improve your soft skills. Schedule your learning experience today.

Effective Communication Workshop
Agile Project Management Workshop
PMI Certification Exam Prep Workshop

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Medhira Services

Medhira Enterprises Collaborations

Change management consulting services in NYC

Organization Process & Talent Development

Medhira Enterprises provides training and consulting services to improve intellectual, process, and talent capital and to manage organizational change.

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Medhira Process Improvement

Professional Career Enhancement Solutions

Medhira Enterprises collaborates with professionals for the project management related career improvement initiatives such as training, mentoring, and PMI certifications.

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Medhira PMP Mock Exam

Project Management & PMI Certification Assets

Use our blogs, templates, and PMI Certification (PMP® / CAPM®) related readiness kits that include exam simulators, study notes, and test banks to attain your certification goals.

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CAPM® / PMP® Certification Preparation

Get Guidance, Mentoring, Instruction, and Support.
Are you ready to be PMI certified? 

Medhira has developed resources to help you succeed. We provide you with customized solutions, mentoring services, and a personalized roadmap to achieve PMI-Certification success. Our small classes offer more interaction and post-workshop support to ensure your certification realization.

PMP Class
Medhira training Take our instructor-led virtual or live Project Management workshops to improve your project management knowledge and understanding.

All our workshops are based on PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition.

All our packages include a complimentary PM Experience Documentation spreadsheet to assist you with your PMP® Application process.

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Medhira PMP® Free Test Sampler

Kickstart your PMI Certification goal!

Are You Seeking PMI Credentials?

Anita Dhir, PMP®, uses her 20 years of experience teaching PMP® Exam Prep workshops that have enabled hundreds of professionals achieve their PMI certifications to bring you these Kits.

Medhira PMP Exam Prep Test

Medhira PMP® Exam Readiness Kit

CAPM Mock Exam

Medhira CAPM® Exam Readiness Kit

Medhira Consulting Need an analysis of your PMBOK® knowledge and experience?
Medhira Consulting Check your PMP®/CAPM® readiness with our Mock Exams.
Medhira Consulting Check your stamina to take a 4-hour PMP® Mock Exam.
Medhira Consulting Test your PMBOK® Sixth Edition knowledge!
Medhira Consulting Get detailed scores and analysis to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Order our Certification Exam Kit to assess your readiness for the PMP®/ CAPM® Exams today.
Medhira training 200-Question Mock PMP® Exam
Medhira training 150-Question CAPM® Mock Exam
Medhira training Complete CAPM® / PMP® kit of 350 Questions
Medhira Consulting PMI Certification Study Materials

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Medhira Workshops

Medhira PM Classes

Looking to make your career sizzle with improved project management expertise?

Improve your career confidence with Medhira. Get comprehensive and seamless exposure to the multi-faceted aspects of project management. Medhira supports your career needs by providing in-person live training workshops in US, India, and Mauritius. Join our virtual live workshops from anywhere in the world. Over 4,500 individuals have benefited from our training services. Join the ever growing number of project managers who achieved their PMP® after taking our PMP® Certification Exam Review workshop! Get your PM Contact hours or PDU requirements!

All our workshops are based on PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition.
Keep learning and earning PM Contacts and PDU’s. Sign up for a Live In-Class or Virtual Workshop today.

Our instructor-led virtual or live PMI Certification related Workshops:
Our instructor-led virtual or live Project Management workshops

Lead By: Anita Dhir PMP®
New York City , 21 PM Hours/PDUs

Lead By: Anita Dhir PMP®
New York City , 7 PM Hours/PDUs

Lead by: Anita Dhir PMP®
New York City, 7 PM Hours/PDUs

Lead by: Anita Dhir PMP®
New York City, 8 PM Hours/PDUs

Lead by: Anita Dhir PMP®
New York City, 7 PM Hours/PDUs

Lead by: Anita Dhir PMP®
New York City, 7 PM Hours/PDUs

Lead by: Anita Dhir, PMP®
New York City, 16 PM Hours/PDUs

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